ALVIS family products contains several modules that are developed for different applications.

The system has a unique and flexible platform that gives the user the option to choose their own design and has a fast connection to installed subsystems.

What can we offer you?

  • A graphical software solution for a total view of all security hardware regardless of manufacturer used for the installation. (Existing or new) (CCTV, intrusion, access control, fire alarm or automation processes.) This gives the user the ability to control and monitor the properties, check statuses and get a clear overview of all the units through one unified system.

  • The system can be implemented as you prefer.
    • We deliver, remain responsible for the project, complete the installation of the system in either your existing IT-environment or in an external net structure or if you want us to deliver the hardware to the actual installation.
    • Security as a service (SECaaS) Is an optional way where we install the system in our own server environment. We provide you with a safe connection to a web interface or to fixed desktop stations for access to the system. This way (SECaaS) you can reduce the cost of maintenance by letting us handle the monitoring and the support of the system.
  • The benefit of using a graphical monitoring platform is that as a user you can easily locate the source of a triggered alarm and minimize the damages by a quick response. Another potential benefit is the cost savings due to not having to be physically present when deciding which action to take.
    In other words, using ALVIS will help you save both time and money.

Technical description

  • ALVIS is an open platform which means that it can connect to different product types regardless of manufacturer. The user does only have to learn one system instead of several. We have over 120 drivers to cover a broad variety of product types and to make possible the monitoring and checking of status on the units. ALVIS is compatible with the protocols OPC, Modbus, ESPA, ASCII, SNMP, SMS, Email, AT-commands and XML.
  • The platform’s graphics has a scalable font and can be redesigned to match your request, whether you would like to have a modern or a simple layout.
  • Most of the functions in ALVIS can have different limits for access, depending on which user or user’s you would like to have access to certain settings in the system.
  • With our Web version you have a free limit of software clients that can access the system through LAN or WAN.
  • The Web version is similar to the fixed installed system with a few slight differences.
  • All the units who has a web browser could log in and connect to the system.
  • When you log in it’s possible to apply the Windows Authentication.
  • A useful thing is to publish a web client to the Emergency services or PSAP.
  • ALVIS main application is compatible with Windows OS: Server 2008(R2), 2012(R2), Win7, Win8.1, Win10.
  • ALVIS database can be installed to MS SQL Database. (Express 2008R2 is included in the setup)
  • ALVIS can be used in virtual views.

Language and development

  • ALVIS and the drivers are developed in C++, C# with separate protocols and technologies for each product type.
  • Most of the integrations made to Cameras are in ASP.NET and HTML5.
  • The web client is developed in PHP.
  • The Smart client for Android devices is in JAVA.


  • The connection between ALVIS and the drivers goes via a private encryption algorithm.
  • ALVIS main installation and the desktop clients in TCPIP goes via RC4. (Only variable symbols are sent, which are small and contain less data)
  • The web client’s use SSL technology to protect the data.
  • The connection between the drivers and the subsystems is based on an encryption technology stemming from the subsystem.

Previous work

  • ALVIS is installed in over 2000 properties worldwide.
  • The system has been tested in Power stations, military facilities, hospitals, a correctional facility, malls and industries.
  • ALVIS has been installed in large properties with over 40 000 units connected and 200 separate control panels.
  • Regardless of if you want to integrate 1 technology or several, ALVIS can handle it.

What do you need to get started?

  • A communication line (Serial or TCP/IP) between the ALVIS server and the product type and to the subsystem.
  • Floorplans for each building.
  • Communication licenses from the subsystem.
  • Determine the need, system design and installation structure. (On the user’s existing security hardware or as SECaaS)

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