Grand Hotel Stockholm

Svasystem got order of installing AlViS platform to protect Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

Kulturhuset & Stadsteatern

AlViS is installed on Kulturhuset & Stadsteatern in Stockholm.

SFV – Gripsholms Slott

TMPALARM ordered upgrade of AlViS to include Gripsholms Slott and monitoring of their Notifier Fire alarm panels.

Kv Trumman/Kv Vattenpasset

Svasystem nailed order of AlViS through Confidence on our graphical system for monitoring and control of Notifier Fire alarm panel.

Data Centers x 3

Svasystem got order of AlViS on 3 different providers of Data Centers.


We are proud to announce that the real estate company Hufvudstaden has chosen to install ALVIS in 25 of the company’s properties to be able to control and monitor the properties

Mölndals hospital

Västfastigheter who is situated in the region of Västra Götaland in Sweden has chosen to install ALVIS at Mölndals hospital. ALVIS will be used to manage two fire alarm stations by

Machine hall

We also had the privilege to deliver ALVIS to a machine hall situated in Huddinge, outside of Stockholm. This deal was made through our electrical installation partner

American supplier

We are also glad to share the news that we will install ALVIS at three computer halls that belongs to an American supplier. Our customer has requested that we do not publish any detailed

The new Södertälje hospital

We are glad to announce that Locum has chosen to order ALVIS through the electrical supplier Assemblin to The new Södertälje hospital.

ARX alarm

We would also like to remind you that we recently have developed a driver for direct communication between ALVIS and ARX alarm.

Skara county

We are also proud to announce that Skara county has via our electrical partner Assemblin chosen to install ALVIS and the web version for ALVIS at their newly built school the

Clas Ohlson’s headquarter

We have had the privilege to deliver ALVIS graphical monitoring platform to the chain retailer Clas Ohlson’s headquarter situated in Insjön, Dalarna in Sweden. The

Huddinge hospital

Our electrical wholesales partner Elektroskandia has together with the electrical installation company Categori Data chose to install ALVIS for Huddinge hospital to be able to control and monitor over 4000 detectors of the fire alarm manufacturer Schrack.

The city of Stockholm

The city of Stockholm has chosen to add ALVIS web based solution to gain further access to their existing ALVIS installation.

Älvkarleby county

Älvkarleby county has chosen to add two more schools to their ALVIS system. The integration of ALVIS will be made with the systems Siemens SPC and Securifire.

SKYDD 2016

The security trade fair SKYDD in Stockholm is coming up shortly. It will take place Tuesday the 25th of October to Thursday the 27th between 9am and 5pm at the exhibition center in Älvsjö outside of Stockholm. The exhibition SKYDD is the largest security fair in Scandinavia and a great opportunity to get familiar with the security business.

Pema Vakt

Elektroskandia sold ALVIS graphic platform to the supervisory company Pema Vakt, who will use ALVIS to monitor their working space in Sundsvall. Through ALVIS they will be able to interconnect and control burglar alarm, access control, CCTV, fire, temperature- and humidity value together with air control by fetching information from each system.

Las Vegas, här kommer vi!

We are proud to announce that our company will be participating in this year’s ISC West in Las Vegas this spring. It’s a great opportunity to engage with the international market within…

Sahlgrenska University hospital

Elektroskandia has together with Imtech sold ALVIS graphical security platform to Västfastigheter in Västra Götaland in western Sweden. Västfastigheter owns and is responsible for…

The National property board

TMP Alarm and the national property board added two more buildings to their ALVIS projects. This time the properties belong to Rosersberg and the subsystems used in the installations are from the product type SecuriFire 2000 fire alarm.

The Stockholm City Hall

Finlarm got the eminent task to deliver a graphical monitoring platform to our well-known landmark the Stockholm City Hall. They chose to use the ALVIS platform to control and monitor the fire alarm system Pelco FXNet that is installed there.

Älvkaleby County

Elektroskandia together with JT Security got the task to be responsible for the security in three properties that are owned by Älv Kaleby County.

New project with Fortum

Elektroskandia sold ALVIS software solution to the security company Confidence, who are working on a project for Ellevio with the purpose to ensure the safety at a power station.


The Swedish property company Norrporten is renting out a plant to Lantmäteriet in Gävle. To be able to guaranty a safe and modern fire alarm system they hired the security company JT Security and Elekroskandia.

The Swedish National Property

The Swedish National property board is responsible for the very old and venerable building Confidencen. To ensure reliable safety in the building the National board hired the business alarm company TMP Alarm.


Our business partners Spirit has a great team of engineers who works fulltime with developing the software program AlViS

Correctional institute

Svasystem deliver AlViS to Swedish Correctional Institution.


Svasystem will deliver AlViS to Vattenfall Eldistribution via our partner Goodtech


Svasystem deliver AlViS to Fortum Heat division via Goodtech


Svasystem deliver AlViS to IKEA via LTP. Installation consists of Eltek Fire alarm system…


JTSecurity got the task to install new fire alarm system at IKEA in Valbo