SVA Access introduces you to the latest technology you can find on the market within access control, which is a cloud based access control system with video integration. As a customer you do not have to think of the IT-structure, security or the servers that you need for maintenance of the installation.
Our cloud based solution covers all of those aspects through SaaS. (Security as a service)
The system has over 9 million users and among them are some of the biggest companies in the world.

A common question regarding a cloud based system is if it´s safe to use? The answer is yes, they are often more secure than the locally installed access control systems.
All communication between the host and the panels are securely encrypted and the server rooms are being watched, by both personnel and other security systems.

Download the PDF-documents below for more information about the benefits of using SaaS.

Benefits :

  • Lower the total cost by saving money on hardware devices and maintenance costs.
  • Well integrated camera support. Our cloud based platform Eagle Eye Networks or AXIS (technology) cameras that connects directly to the system.
  • Go mobile enables the user to control and monitor their installations from any web browser. No locally installed software is required. Download our app and get instant notifications of access events, video popups or monitor the door’s directly from your phone.
  • The mobile pass is your digital credential. If you are using the mobile pass you don´t even need a reader, the host communicates directly to your phone who then controls the electronic lock.
  • Less startup costs


Total Cost Of Ownership

Information Security

Why SaaS?

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